Monday, September 9, 2013

How Video Conferencing Can Save Money for Business

How Video Conferencing Can Save Money for Business

Tecnnology has come along ways and can save the tech-savvy employers and their employees thousands of dollars to be used in other areas. Imagine hold a public meeting where you do not need to rent or book space hoping that no one else has already taken the time you are planning. Well folks, that time has come! One more thing, no one even has to leave the home once they get in from a busy day. Let me tell how how...

The answer is Google+ Hangouts and Hangouts On Air. Network marketers are already connecting with their teams from all over the world to build their unique businesses and share their tips. They are way ahead of most businesses and communities today. This technology allows you to meet with an audience anywhere and discuss issues, conduct meetings, and even conduct your business by connecting live with the other person where they are.

You no longer need a mileage and travel expense budget - just plan you class online. Advertise in the usual way via news media, invitation, advertisements - when people sign up and pay, just add their email to the invite list and when it is time for the class to begin - open up the link as the host about half hour before and allow the audience to gather and chat with one another while others join in. Their are two types of hangout - this would be the one on your right as you face the screen - they are not public to the world, these are by invite only - the private hangouts.

If you go to the left side of the screen and go to Hangouts On Air, these are public hangouts and are broadcast live so anyone in the world can join in. You can invite up to nine people to be on air live with you for no extra cost - up to fifteen and there is a minimal charge, but it is also recorded live to your YouTube Channel. People can view the broadcast live from that channel and add comments and questions during the meeting.

Say you are the chair of the Advisory Board meeting for the Town of Whoseville. The chair posts the meeting as usual, and notifies the members of the agenda - then opens up a new session public session under Google Hangouts on Air to conduct the meeting and allows his or her board members to join him live on stage with the audience on the YouTube channel. When the meeting is over, he can close the channel or just the session, and leave the communication over for the attendees on stage to chat with one another.

Google is a leader in today's technology, and they have fun doing it. Truly an example all businesses should follow. With this new communication tool meetings can be conducted from each members home computer and a gmail account and the viewers can watch and interact from the YouTube channel. It is a very impressive new technology, that I have tapped into and will share more tips on its use are I get acquainted with them in future articles.

Many are on Facebook, which I see as a social link to people and making connections never before possible with them where Google+ Hangouts seem to be centered more around connecting business and interests. The two together complement each other quite well.

In closing I recognize there is so much here that I have not yet explored and tapped into, as I do I will share my experiences and teach you what I learn in upcoming articles. Stay tuned for more.

Donna L. Beals is a personal success coach, author, and owner of SpinningWebs as well as her own success blog, Donna L. Beals, Personal Success Coach. She loves sharing her views and interest, and welcomes your comments and criticisms. Communication is important for a healthy society, life, and workplace.

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