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History of Valentine's Day Celebration

History of Valentine's Day Celebration

Every year, February 14 is celebrated as the day of love and romance in the memory of St. Valentine. On this day, we share and express our emotions by giving especially chosen gifts, greetings and flowers. The feeling of Valentine's Day fills us with unexpected joy and warmth. But do you know how, why and when it was started. Let explore the history of Valentine's Day to make it even more special and meaningful.

According to Catholic Church, there were three saints named Valentine who were martyred in the name of divine love.

Saint who perform secret marriages:

When Emperor Claudius II restricted marriages of young men because he believed single men perform better in military then those with wives and families, a saint named Valentine stood against this. He defied the outrageous law and continued performing secret marriages for young couples. When the secret was opened, he was imprisoned and killed.

First Valentine Greeting:

Another legend states that Roman emperors even after three hundred years after the death of Jesus Christ were forcing people to worship Roman gods. When a Christian priest named Valentine keep on practicing Christianity, he was put in prison. 

There he did a miracle by giving sight to the blind daughter of the jailer. For following Christianity and doing the miracle, he was executed on February 14. The day before his death, he sent a farewell letter to the girl, signing it 'From Your Valentine'. It was the first valentine greeting, which set a tradition of sending greetings, love quotes and poems to the loved ones. Today, in America, more than 1 billion cards are sent every year on Valentine's Day.

Why February?

It was believed that St. Valentine was executed on February 14. To remember him and his teachings of love, Valentine's Day is celebrated on this date. Another story states that Roman people celebrate the harvest festival of Lupercalia, which was celebrated on February 15. 

The festival was dedicated to Roman god of fertility and the founders of Roman Empire. Celebrating Valentine's Day on February 14 was the Christian effort of 'Christianizing' the pagan feast.

In the Middle Age, it was considered that the birds start mating from 14th February. So it was anyways related with love and romance.


People not just use greetings but also acquire numerous gifts to express their emotions. While flowers, candies, chocolates, plush gifts and gift baskets are the regular gifts, many people even choose fine yellow gold sapphire rings, gemstone earrings, watches, holiday packages and many lavish presents to make it a treasured event of the year.

People also considered it as an auspicious day for engagement and wedding. Gradually, proposing on Valentine's Day is becoming a trend. Like Christmas and New Year, it is another significant day to create milestone moments.

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