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Popular Ideas For Wedding Party Gifts

Popular Ideas For Wedding Party Gifts

A good bridesmaid can be an absolute lifesaver during the planning stages of a wedding. She helps make decisions, keeps track of the budget, and holds your hand when you become overwhelmed. There is no simple way to express everything that she means to you. The token gift that you give her as an expression of appreciation should show her how special she is to you, and that you realize how much she has done for you.

There are many different choices for bridesmaid’s gifts, and your decision will be based on your budget, how close you are to the bridesmaids, and personal taste.

Budget: Nothing that has to do with a wedding is inexpensive. With all the must haves, including flowers, reception hall rentals, and food, it is easy to leave off the smaller things like bridesmaids gifts until the last minute. By that time, you budget is even tighter, and you may also have less time to make a choice. To get the best gift for your money, start thinking early about what you would like to give your bridesmaids.

Relationships: If you are very close to your bridesmaids and it is a small group, you may want to spend a little more than if you have a larger group of more casual friends. Of course, if you have family members as a part of the wedding party, you are intimately familiar with them; there is no reason to go overboard with the gifts to the bridal party because one member is a sister. You can present her with the same gift as the rest of your bridal party, and, if you want, give her a special remembrance later, in private.

Personal Taste: Your personal taste should definitely be considered when choosing a gift for the wedding party. If the wedding is a casual, on the beach affair, beach towels, personalized tank tops or even bikinis make great gifts. If the wedding is a formal, evening event, a delicate necklace or bracelet makes a special gift.

Regardless of what you choose to give your wedding party, remember that, while it is an honor to serve in a wedding party, they are also doing you a favor, often at no small cost, to be a part of your wedding party. If you are hosting a high budget affair, the bridal party should not be gifted with trinkets. However, if you are hosting a small, casual affair, most members of your bridal party will understand and not expect jewelry or other expensive gifts. One rule of thumb is to choose something that people will use; then you are not just throwing your money away on nothing.

So, what are some popular gifts for bridesmaids? Personalized tanks and tees are a fun option. Many brides give members of their wedding party tote bags and small coolers, particularly if they are hosting a destination wedding. Because weddings and photographs always go together, consider a digital photograph key chain as a unique gift. Cosmetic bags, zipper pulls and memory or jewelry boxes are also popular choices.

If you want to play up the girl power aspect of your bridal party, consider a gift of nail polish, a sterling silver heart shaped compact or lip gloss. If you have been a little high maintenance in your demands, you may want to acknowledge the fact, and gift your bridesmaids with bath soaking salts, body scrubs or other spa gifts.

Jewelry is always appreciated, if it fits in the budget. Earrings, necklaces and even belly button rings make a nice, and sometimes unexpected, gift for your best girl friends. Charm bracelets can be added to as new events happen in your lives: more weddings, babies, anniversaries…the charms can be a way to symbolize and maintain your close bonds as you grow.

When you are shopping for gifts for the members of your bridal party it is important to consider that they have spent a good deal of time and money to help make your day special. Although none of us like to think that we make unreasonable demands or are difficult to get along with, the fact of the matter is, weddings are stressful. Although it will be worth it to you when it is over, your bridesmaids get nothing out of the experience but the sight of you being happy on your perfect day. Take the time to choose a nice gift for each of the people that you have asked to be a part of the bridal party.

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