Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How To Prepare For A Hurricane

How To Prepare For A Hurricane

When natural disasters strike, there is usually little to no warning. However, in the case of hurricanes, we are fortunate with today's technology to be able to predict when and where they will hit, as well as a host of other important factors like wind speed, rainfall, etc. While this doesn't offer much comfort to those in their path, it does help costal homeowners by giving them some time to prepare for the oncoming storm, and thus limit their losses as much as possible. With some advance planning and action on your part, you may be able to preserve some of your valuable possessions in the event a hurricane does hit in your area.

One of the most effective ways to protect your home from a hurricane is to cover all the openings. Doors and windows, including garage doors, should be completely covered using boards or plywood. Planning ahead is critical in saving time and money. Know the sizes of all your doors and windows, and have wood pre-cut and stored for quick application, when needed. If you don't have room to store window coverings, consider installing functional hurricane shutters for easily accessible protection.

It's also very important to evaluate your outdoor living spaces before a hurricane hits. Make sure that all furniture and equipment is moved to a secure place. Remove any items that could be picked up by the wind and turned into projectiles. You also may want to consider removing your mailbox from its post and bringing in any landscaping lights. While you're outside, take some time to also inspect your trees and shrubs. If there are any large limbs hanging over your home, it's better to remove them now than risk them falling in hurricane force winds.

Inside your home, you'll want to move furniture and breakables to interior rooms, preferably those without windows, if possible. If your home is in a low lying area, and ground flooding is a concern, try to put your furniture up on cinder blocks, if possible. As a last resort, extremely precious items can be transported to another location. If you do have the ability to move some items, be sure to also take important documents and any family heirlooms that are irreplaceable.

Before a hurricane hits, ensure that your vehicles are filled with gas and in good working order. Remember that if a mass evacuation is ordered, commodities like gasoline and windshield washing fluid could become scarce. If you do have to leave your home, make sure you take all insurance information with you, including your agent's phone number, claims reporting number, and your policy numbers. Advise your friends, neighbors, and family of your evacuation plans, making sure that they all know how to get ahold of you, if necessary.

With these steps and some good common sense, you will be very well prepared for the potential of a hurricane. For more information, visit government agency websites for specific instructions in the event of a storm. While no one ever wants a hurricane to reach their home, it is still a good idea to err on the side of caution and make sure you've prepared yourself in advance. At the very least, you'll have the peace of mind of knowing that you've limited your losses as much as possible and assured the safety of your loved ones.

By: Ellen Bell

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Swine Flu Serious Symptoms

Swine Flu Serious Symptoms

Dr Keiji Fukuda, the Assistant Director-General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) at the press conference on July 7 2009 presented the latest reported figures from 137 countries, territories, and areas reporting confirmed laboratory cases as over 98,000, with over 440 deaths.

He stated that the swine flu pandemic continues to evolve quite rapidly with over 3,000 confirmed cases daily. In the Southern Hemisphere where they are in the winter months and entering their regular influenza season, they may see a pattern which is different from what is being seen in the Northern Hemisphere such as the United States and the UK.

Swine flu today"

Dr Fukuda stated that the Southern Hemisphere is seeing the same activity as in other countries. For example, Australia was reporting heavy swine flu activity in the Victoria area, whereas it was at lower levels in other parts of Australia for a while and is now picking up again.

Colds and flu share the same symptoms. However, the two viral infections are very different. The flu viral disease is a respiratory infection and usually occurs once a year or every few years, whereas most people catch a cold several times in a year.

In adults the serious symptoms of swine flu include:

* A fever over 100F and typically up to 105F.
* A hacking cough.
* Shortness of breath, wheezing and difficult breathing.
* Chest pain caused by persistent coughing.
* Confusion and dizziness.
* Muscle aches.
* Sore throat.
* Flu symptoms improve and then return with a high fever and a worse cough.

In children the serious signals include:

* Wheezing and difficulty in breathing with a hacking cough.
* Severe vomiting.
* A pasty complexion.
* Not drinking sufficient fluids.
* The flu symptoms improve as in the adult and the return with a high fever.

These are all warning signs to seek urgent medical attention without delay, certainly within two days, when Tamiflu is at its most effective.

The most common method for diagnosing the swine flu virus is an antigen test, which is carried out from swabs taken from the nose and throat for testing at the laboratory. If pneumonia is suspect then a chest X-ray will result.

The real scale of this health crisis is difficult to quantify, as constant random mutation is the name of the game for these bugs.

They have been around since the beginning of time and have developed their own ways of survival in their microbial world. It will not be long before they will survive our current chemical remedies for swine flu and even bird flu.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Complete Financial Planning

Complete Financial Planning

Financial planning encompasses a whole range of topics about money - budgeting, expenditure, debt, savings, mortgages, insurance and retirement. Working with a good budget is laying the groundwork for a strong financial foundation for yourself and your family, and the younger you are when you start, the better.

Everyone follows some kind of a budget, whether it is simply in their head or on paper. You know what your income is and you know what you spend. But sometimes you really don't realise just how much you are spending and how this could be changed to give you more money. It is possible to waste your money in ways that you wouldn't at first think of as wasteful.

It is only when you take a good, hard look at your expenditure and keep track of every cent you spend for at least a week that you may be able to realise just where all that money is going to.

Many people start at the end of their life and work backwards to find out what kind of budget they should have. That is, they work out what will be needed to live on at retirement, and then work out how much must be saved per week to achieve that goal. Others only get as far as a more short-term goal such as taking an overseas trip, or planning for their children's education. Whatever type of budgeting you do, unless you include every aspect of your life, it will not be adequate.

Once you have a comprehensive budget you will be able to see just where all that money is going to and you may then wish to channel it in other directions. This can be as simple as taking lunch and coffee to work instead of buying it. You can save upwards of $50 per week in this simple way - $2,450 at the end 49 weeks of work. Or maybe you could replace that soda with more healthy water and save an extra few dollars. Chips and lollies are treats that can be kept for special occasions instead of munching on them every day. You can save a small fortune over a lifetime in this way. You'll save on dental bills too.

Getting out of credit card debt is another important part of budgeting. With interest rates as high as 24% in some cases, this adds a great deal of extra money to your shopping bills. So, once you are on track with your budgeting and saving, you now need to make sure there is adequate insurance. Accidents and disasters don't always happen to the other person; sometimes it is you. Don't risk losing everything just because you didn't want to spare the money for insurance.

By: Mel C
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nine Fuel Efficient Cars That Will Save You Money

Nine Fuel Efficient Cars That Will Save You Money
by Charles_Johnson

If you're in the market for a new car, you probably know what to look for at the dealership. How many airbags does it have? What's the car's crash test rating? But do you ever stop to check the vehicle's fuel efficiency rating? It's time to start looking! With gas prices at an all-time high, buying a car with good fuel economy is going to become even more important. After all, you're already spending enough on the car - why drive off in a vehicle that will cost you hundreds of dollars a week in gas?

Here's a list of some of the most fuel efficient cars on the road today:

1) The Ford Focus gets 24 miles per gallon (mpg) in the city and 35 mpg on the highway. And although most of the other cars you'll see here are imports, the Focus does an admirable job of showing just how fuel-efficient a domestic car can be (although, yes, it was designed by the company's European division).

2) The Honda Fit gets an average of 33 mpg in the city and 38 mpg on the highway. It's just one of several "mini-cars" that has come to the US in the past year. This one provides more than just good gas mileage though - it's also highly ranked for its interior space.

3) The Honda Civic gets 30 mpg in the city and close to 38 mpg on the highway. With a fuel efficiency approaching the 40 mpg mark, this car performs better than any other automatic transmission, non-hybrid car currently on the market. It's also a consumer favorite for its interior room, reliability and many additional safety features.

4) The MINI Cooper gets 32 mpg in the city and 40 mpg on the highway. Produced by BMW, the MINI Cooper is known as a fun car to drive and has an impressively large amount of interior space. And reaching an average of 40 mpg, you'll save money every time you hit the pumps.

5) The Nissan Altima currently drives 26 mpg in the city and 35 mpg on the highway. This fuel-efficient vehicle packs a large 2.5 liter engine and 180 pounds-per-foot of torque - that's quite a bit of power for a car with this kind of fuel efficiency! It's perfect for those who want fuel economy in a mid-size car, without giving up powerful driving capabilities.

6) The Nissan Sentra gets almost 28 mpg in the city and 34 mpg on the highway. What makes this an impressive car is that you get great fuel economy in a car that offers continuously-variable automatic transmission. Unbelievably, the car gets better gas mileage than even a manual transmission. And you won't trade fashion for function - the Nissan Sentra is a beautiful car to look at!

7) The Toyota Camry - a classic fuel efficient car - gets 43 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on the highway. It's one of only two cars on our list that gets better fuel economy in the city. And at 43 mpg, it's hard to beat if you drive locally most of the time. It's got a large 2.4 liter engine and standard tires - plus there's plenty of interior space for all your friends.

8) The Toyota Corolla is another great car that gets 32 mpg in the city and 41 mpg on the highway. This car always ranks well with Consumer Reports because of its outstanding fuel efficiency, safety features and reliability. The Toyotas are well know for retaining their value over time, so buying this car is an investment that will pay off for years to come.

9) The Toyota Prius is the crowning achievement in gas mileage, getting an unbelievable 60 mpg in the city and 51 mpg on the highway. Of course you'll get better gas mileage in a hybrid, but the Prius is really at the top of the pack. Don't worry about losing power with a gas-electric combination engine - the technology is constantly improving to give you great performance that's comparable with any regular sedan on the road. Just act now - you may have to spend some time on a waiting list for one of these cars.

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Gymnastics Fitness Programs For Kids

Gymnastics Fitness Programs For Kids

The YMCA is one place for kids to find many different fitness programs. When people think about fitness, they think about exercise such as running, jogging, and even swimming. What most people do not even consider is a fitness program like gymnastics. Gymnastics is very popular, and kids can start as early as six months old. Some people think that this type of fitness program is for girls only, but it is open for anyone. Some of the top athletes have had gymnastics as a kid or adult. It keeps the body limber and strong and promotes healthy bones.

Five Years and Younger Gymnastics

There are four groups to gymnastics when you are five years old and younger. There is a Parent n' Tot program for six months to 2 years old, Tumble Tots for three year olds, Tumble Tricks for four year olds, and Tumble Twisters for five year olds. This type of fitness program for kids starts out when they are young, and can continue until adulthood if they really enjoy what they are doing.

As a child turns six months old, they can easily start learning the fundamentals of gymnastics. This early class is more about fun than it is anything else. As they grow and advance into the different classes, they start learning tumbling and other mat activities.

Girls and Boys Six Years or Older Gymnastics

There is a six year old or older class for girls and one for boys in most locations. This fitness program is for those that have had some prior gymnastics or who are just starting out. Kids in these groups start learning how to do more moves on the mats, and then on the balancing beams. These classes will keep going until the child enters into the invitation only programs if they have successfully accomplished their routines.

Boys and girls will be in different programs as they learn different moves on the beams, mats, and other gym equipment at this stage.

Invitation Only Gymnastics

The invitation only gymnastics are for kids that have excelled in prior years at gymnastics, and want to continue their learning for more serious competitions. These two groups are called the hotshots and the starbursts. By this time, the fitness program becomes more of a challenge with hours of work and dedication.

Many kids keep completing in gymnastics far into early adulthood or they move into dance in school. Both programs offer fitness and help keep the body healthy.

If your children need something healthy to do or they need some type of fitness programs to keep them active, gymnastics is just one of the programs they can participate in and maybe even enjoy into adulthood. It is a program that will keep them limber and it helps to build strong bones and muscles.

During the fitness program, kids will need to eat properly and have a daily intake of protein and other healthy foods. Not only does the YMCA offer these programs, but also many cities have other fitness centers that can offer gymnastics for kids.

By: Dave OSullivan
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Baby Names - Considering Your Last Name

Baby Names - Considering Your Last Name

It's overwhelming enough to decide on a perfect first name for your baby, but if you're not considering its effects on your baby's last name you may be setting him up for future disaster. It's easy to overlook how the combination of your baby's first name and last name will work together. Let's look at a few pointers in this area.

Perhaps the most obvious place to start is using a duplicate name for your baby's first and last names. William Williams or John Johnson for example. These names may cause some flack for your child going through school or they may provide a way to really set them apart. Mitch Mitchell, for example, was a famous drummer with Jimi Hendrix.

 Common words as last names can present problems. My last name is Byrd and I have to think twice about names so my baby doesn't end up with a silly name. Be especially aware if your last name is slang for something vulgar. You can be sure your child will never live down a name like Richard Johnson once they hit high school.

Next, make sure the first name you pick doesn't end with the same sound that your last name begins with. For example, when saying Mark Kogan aloud, it sounds like Mark Ogan or Mar Kogan. And John Nolan becomes Jaw Nolan or John Olan. Just a small point to check for once you're pretty certain on a name.

Also make sure that shortened first names don't clash with your baby's last name. Edward Jed will most likely shorten to Ed Jed which has a silly sound to it. The classic prank phone call name Ben Dover is the result of a shortened first name as well.

Any name you choose can be made fun of somehow, but these are just some ways to make sure you avoid the most obvious mistakes. Above all, be sure to say your baby's whole name outloud so that you can evaluate its entire sound. Good luck finding that perfect name for your baby!

By: Ian Byrd
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Understanding Your Auto Warranty

Understanding Your Auto Warranty

The auto warranty is something everyone thinks about when they are purchasing a car, but few of these people realize that they need to think about it after that as well. You go into a dealership, which convinces you to purchase an auto that is perfect for you. What seals the deal, in many cases, is the fact that the auto has an auto warranty on it. You think that they could not or would not offer a warranty on a product that wasn’t up to standards. So, you purchase your car and get your auto warranty.

Regardless of the car, the make or model number, you simply shove that auto warranty into the glove box and call it done. But, what you need to do is to know what is covered on that warranty, what you need to do to get those services, and what you need to do to keep that warranty up to date.

Getting the information that you need to make a decision about your auto warranty is also important. For many people, they may not even realize that they should read the thing! You would be surprised at what is and isn’t covered in that warranty. If you have one and you haven’t read it, dig it out and get going.

What you will want to know first of all is what things it cover. Does the auto warranty cover things such as parts and oil changes? Does it cover the tires, brakes and the body work?

Now that you know that, do you know what to do to get the services that it covers? Read on. Learn where you will need to go to get these services, if there will be any fee and what happens if you don’t go to the right location.

Lastly, you also want to know about the auto warranty expiration date if there is one. In some cases, you may actually be able to increase that amount of time by purchasing a warranty extension. The auto warranty can offer many things after all.

By: Matthew Noel
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Examining The Drawbacks Of Bankruptcy

Examining The Drawbacks Of Bankruptcy

In the past, consumers with too much unsecured loan debt – usually credit card debt – relied on bankruptcy to shed this indebtedness virtually overnight. The federal bankruptcy court would liquidate all of their assets, which were usually quite negligible, and also absolve their outstanding loan balances. At the end of the process, the debtor was without credit card debt, but in some cases also without a car or home, and always without credit cards that could be used for emergency purposes.

Although it is tempting to look for bankruptcy protection when the calls from creditors are becoming worrisome and the late notices are piling up, there are some distinct drawbacks to filing for bankruptcy. First and foremost, there is still a social stigma attached to bankruptcy, and this may actually bleed through to the workplace, where debtors who relied on bankruptcy protection may be denied employment because of the negative notation in their credit profile.

This negative credit file notation also has the power to prevent the debtor from obtaining another loan, getting a credit card, or even obtaining a mortgage. For about 10 years, the credit rating is damaged and there is no amount of credit repair that can erase this blemish on the credit file. Once the bankruptcy discharge is a few years old, the debtor may once again be offered credit, but it will be at much higher interest rates. The most common form of bankruptcy filing used to be Chapter 7, which temporarily halted foreclosures but made cosigners liable for debts. It is available once every six years to a consumer.

It is noteworthy that while bankruptcy will wipe out a good many unsecured debts, there are some which survive bankruptcy and will continue to haunt the debtor. These include judgments, student loans, income taxes, alimony and child support, and any debts that are considered to have been incurred via fraud. Sometimes the lure of getting rid of credit card debt is so strong that consumers forget to actually total up the amount of debt they are still left with in the end.

Family owned businesses also take a significant hit when bankruptcy is filed. The odds are good that the business will no longer receive the loans needed in the future to remain viable, and while the short term elimination of outstanding debts may be attractive, the long term damage may actually undo any benefits of bankruptcy protection. Since the recent change in bankruptcy legislation, Chapter 13 filings are more plentiful, and they essentially require the repayment of debts over the course of three to five years.

Fortunately there are several other options that could make bankruptcy filings unnecessary and could actually eliminate the need for spending long years repaying the debt. Some actually mimic the Chapter 13 filing option, but do not leave a 10 year blemish on the consumer’s credit profile. Debtors need to educate themselves and also seek advice from reputable credit counseling agencies that can help them to understand the advantages and disadvantages of a bankruptcy filing, while also exploring other options.

By: Lender411

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Awesome Breakfast Recipes For Little Ones

Awesome Breakfast Recipes For Little Ones

Breakfast is an essential part of a healthful lifestyle. Breakfast is especially important for kids. When children help to prepare their own easy breakfast items, they are sure to eat them. These breakfast solutions are easy staples. You and you children will enjoy preparing them together.

Cinnamon-Sprinkled French Toast

2 Large eggs
2 tbsp milk, fat free
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp soft tub margarine
4 tsp light pancake syrup

Kids: Crack two eggs into flat-bottomed bowl.
Thoroughly whisk in milk and cinnamon.
Dip bread slices, one at a time, into egg mixture in bowl
Make sure you wet both sides with the egg mixture.
Re-dip until all the egg mixture is absorbed into the bread.
Adults: Meanwhile, heat large, non-stick skillet over medium heat.
Add butter.
Place dipped bread slices in skillet.
Cook for 2½-3 minutes per side, or until both sides are golden brown.
Kids: Drizzle the toast with syrup. Serve when warm.

Fruity Granola Yogurt Parfait

1/2 granola
3/4 cup vanilla or plain yogurt
1/2 cup fresh blueberries, raspberries, or sliced strawberries or bananas
You can use frozen if fresh is not available
Adults: Measure out all ingredients to be used.
Provide stemware or clear drinking glass or bowl.
Kids: Layer ingredients any which way you want in a glass, such as half of granola, yogurt, and fruit, then repeat.
Eat with a long spoon

Commercially available granola is often toasted with oil and honey, making it high in calories..

Sticky Carmel Pecan Rolls

1/4 cup fat-free caramel flavored sundae syrup
Cooking spray
1 can refrigerated reduced fat crescent dinner rolls
1/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar
2 tablespoons finely chopped pecans
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
Adults: Preheat over to 375 degrees
Kids: spoon 1-1/2 teaspoon syrup onto each of 8 muffin cups coated
with cooking spray. Set aside
Adult: Unroll dough: separate into 4 rectangles
Kids: Combine brown sugar, pecans and cinnamon
Kids: Sprinkle sugar mixture evenly over each rectangle
Press mixture gently into dough
Kids/Adults: Beginning at 1 long edge, roll into 6 slices.
Pinch ends of dough to seal
Adults: Cut each roll into 6 slices
Kids: Place 3 slices, cut sides down into prepared muffin cups
Bake at 375 for 14 minutes.
Adult: Run knife around edges of cups; invert into a platter

Makes 8 servings Calories 172

Breakfast Pizza Recipe with Strawberries

1 package (10-count size) refrigerated biscuits
1 Orange
1 package (8 ounce size) light cream cheese, softened
5 teaspoons Honey, divided
1/2 liter Basket fresh strawberries, stemmed and halved

Adults: Preheat oven to 400F.
Kids: Stack 2 biscuits
Roll out to a 6-inch circle, 1/8-inch thick.
Place on ungreased baking sheet
Prick all over with fork.
Repeat with remaining biscuits to make 5 circles in all.
Adult: Bake until golden, 6 to 8 minutes; loosen and cool slightly.
Kids: Finely grate peel from orange.
In bowl combine cheese, peel and
3 teaspoons of the honey to blend
set aside.

Juice orange into large bowl.
Add strawberries and the remaining honey

Adults: Increase oven temperature to 425F. Spread biscuits with cheese to within 1/2 inch of edges.
Bake until cheese edges brown lightly.
Top with drained strawberries. Serve warm.

By: Christine Steendahl

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How To Find The Best Available Domain Names

How To Find The Best Available Domain Names

Domain name is the clue for your online business. You don’t need to have visual clues such a location, no look, and no store design. Instead, users have to type in a word or a set of words to reach your site.

Choosing a domain name is a very critical part of your website’s marketing strategy. Since thousands of domain names are registered everyday, it’s really very difficult to get a domain name of single phrase in English language and other major languages.

How to find the best available domain names? This is one of a lot of questions that surround the field of domain name. Today, as the domain names continue to create a certain impact to people, many of them were asking the domain name experts on how to get a domain name for a certain web site.

Given such fact, I have some answers here not only for the problem on how to get a domain name for a web site, but also this will give you an idea on how to find an available domain name which is good and interesting. There some tricks to find the best available domain names.

Search Expired Domain

Why do we have to search expired domain? First, because search engine like Google has a verifiable system of grading domain names according to their age, and second reason is because old domain has already listed in search engine, so your website will indexed fast. But of course, searching expired domain isn’t easy to do. You have to search it by using tools or sites which have a large number of expired domains database. The result screen will allow you to do an advanced search that has many options to narrow down the results. You can make your searching become specific that it returns expired domain names with no numbers that start with a certain amount of characters long.

Use Available Domain Names Resource

Most of good domain names are already registered and owned by someone. You don’t need to despair because with some lucks you would be able to get some good domain names by backordering domain names about to expire in anticipation that the domain would be deleted and made available again.

In fact, you need a few times to wait for backorder result. I prefer to find domain name in some available domain name resources. As we all know, there are a lot of domain name sources, but PremiumAvailables.com is one of my favorite sites which regularly publish the best available domain name list for free. You can see there are a lot of regular and premium domains with the best available name.

Premium available site also offers professional domain investment advice. For those who actually bother reading their page instead of just taking the names and flying, they give us a tip, the domains in bold are their pick of the list. So, you can find some available domain names easily for your sites and begin to make the best online business site.

By: evytaar
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About Third Level Domain Names

About Third Level Domain Names

A domain name consists of three levels. The first level is the word or phrase that makes up the initial domain name. The second part of the domain name is the extension. Examples of common extensions include .com, .net or .org.

The third portion of the domain name, called a third level domain name is an optional part. Like the first level domain name, it consists of a word or phrase to describe whatever webpage it is pointing to. However, unlike the first level domain name, a third level domain name cannot access a webpage by itself; it must contain the first level domain as well as the extension in its syntax.

Third level domain names are often used by free web hosting companies to help create distinction among the websites of their customers. If third level domain names weren't used, customers would have not be able to access their website in a user-friendly way. Some third level domains may have the first level domain word or phrase first.

An example is Geocities, where a person would have to include 'Geocities.com' before the third level domain name. Other third level domain names may have the first level domain name last. This is the case with Netfirms, where 'Netfirms.com' comes after the third level domain word or phrase.

For customers third level domains come at no extra cost. This is in contrast to getting a regular domain name which can range from $6.50 to $35 per year. Additionally, it may take time before the domain name is active. This can be up to 7 days, especially if one is transferring a domain name. Conversely, third level domain names can be setup instantaneously.

However, third level domains are far from perfect. Since they require the first level domain name as part of their syntax, they can be quite cumbersome for a website visitor to remember. A person can pretty much forget about getting traffic if they promote a third level domain name in various forms of offline media, such as in circulars or on business cards. In these situations it definitely behooves a webmaster to go on invest in a first level domain name of their own.

So, does this mean third level domain names aren't worth anything to webmasters? Well, if a webmaster uses hyperlink marketing, they can still find value in a third level domain name. What is hyperlink marketing? It is simply when a word or phrase is linked to a URL rather than the URL itself. It is commonly used in emails, viral e-books and on websites themselves. A potential visitor never even sees the third level domain name, since it is masked by a hyperlinked word or phrase. And hopefully, they will like the site so much they will bookmark it, rather than trying to remember the full URL.

In conclusion, third level domain names offer affordability to both web hosting companies and their customers. They also offer convenience since there's no waiting time associated with their setup. However, if they are used it's best that they are hidden in hyperlinks, since most website visitors would prefer to type in first level domain names.

By: suegold
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Meanings Of Domain Names

Meanings Of Domain Names

Domain names are as important to websites as attractive covers are to books. There are very slim chances of the visitor entering a website if the domain name is not relevant to the website in some way. That does not mean you need to be totally innovative.

Do you know the reason for this? It must have optimized keywords along with creativity. Attractiveness and optimization are the two important ingredients for a successful domain name. This article will reveal the secrets how to achieve that goal easily.

Start by researching for a search engine optimized keyword that can be a part of your domain name. A tool known as a keyword analyzer can help you in this. You will able to find such tools by searching on popular Internet engines.

Use a sample keyword into this tool that describes your site. You will get many options from the analyzer for the keyword you have used. Choose those keywords from this list that describe more about what your website is about. A rule of search engine optimization is to use low competition keywords because they increase your chances of getting found.

With this done, you can now begin hunting for your perfect domain name. The domain name service itself will probably tell you whether you can get a specific domain name or not. The domain name service will also suggest alternatives if the one you put in is not available. Put in your keyword first - this way you can better use this tool. The keyword may not be available to use as the domain name. com ending are good to use. If this is not available, be more ingenious.

Try using some words, phrases or numbers to still keep your keyword within the domain name. Most people use 'a', 'an' and 'the' for such filtering purposes in their domain names. Hence, your domain name will get indexed and will also sound interesting. Any number like 80 or anything else will do.

The following are some tricks to perform if you get everything besides .com. With a very popular keyword, it does not matter if your extension is .com or something else. You may think of extensions such as .org, .biz and .net. If you don't see any difference that an international or local website will do for you, you can also select for a nation or state specific extension. You can well understand that it is much wiser to be on the first page in the Indian Google than to be on the 86th page in the American Google!

You don't need to know rocket science in order to design a domain name that's suited for the search engine purposes as well as for the users. The rest is governed by the analyzer tool. When you find nothing helps you in getting the domain name of your choice, changing the extension always works.

By: Roberto Bell
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Atkins Grapefruit Diet - What is it and is it Really Effective

Atkins Grapefruit Diet - What is it and is it Really Effective
By Yolanda Keating

When it comes to the Atkins Grapefruit diet, there are two camps of thought. On one hand, it is believed to work by those who have tried it and swear they lost weight. On the other hand, is it a true Atkins diet if you are eating more than your recommended amount of carbohydrates - even if those carbs come from the grapefruit? Is the Atkins Grapefruit diet real, or is it a hoax?

Here are the facts. The Atkins Diet requires restriction of carbohydrates. The basis of the Atkins Plan is a high fiber, high protein, low sugar, and low trans fats diet. By counting carbs, a dieter on the Atkins Plan can lose weight quickly. The secret lies in how the body uses up starches. By cutting out all sources of carbs, your body is forced to go to its own stores to sustain itself - which means it burns fat like crazy.

Grapefruits are low in sugar, have no trans fats, are very high in fiber and provide protein. Sounds like it would fit in the Atkins diet, right? But grapefruits are also a source of carbs. In fact, one grapefruit and one glass of grapefruit juice have all the carbs allowed daily by the Atkins Plan. If you eat more than that, you're eating too many carbs...but the typical Atkins Grapefruit Diet calls for a grapefruit at every meal!
So...is it a hoax? Or is it real?

In actuality, it's a little bit of both. There is no such thing as the Atkins Grapefruit diet. Unscrupulous advertisers have long used the Atkins name to push their own products, and this is one of those times. By invoking the Atkins name, they are trying to get you to buy their grapefruit supplements and other items that they say are required for the diet. However, the Grapefruit diet has never been advocated as a part of the Atkins Plan.

The Grapefruit diet itself, however, is very real. It's been around for almost a century, and many people swear by it as a way to obtain rapid weight loss. Grapefruits contain an enzyme that is believed to help your body burn fat, and of course, eating grapefruit is good for you because of all the nutrients the fruit provides. It also helps fill you up, which lessens your need to eat more.The Grapefruit diet itself works.

So don't confuse the Grapefruit Diet or the Atkins Diet with the Atkins Grapefruit Diet! The first two are legitimate diets that many people have used with great weight loss success for several years. The Atkins Grapefruit Diet, however, is more wishful thinking than fact.

Whichever diet you choose to follow - the Atkins Plan or the Grapefruit Diet - always be sure to check with your doctor to make sure the plan is right for you. Health risks might be involved with any diet plan, so take your physician's advice.

The Atkins Grapefruit diet might be a hoax, but losing weight on any number of diets is not. You will soon find the one that is right for you!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nuts and Seeds in Your Diet

Nuts and Seeds in Your Diet
By Mark Snare

Nuts and seeds are rammed full of dietary essentials and easy to add into your diet, they can be hard to digest so mill them in the blender or grind them up in your single auger juicer to help your body get the best from them. Milling or grinding will break the seed or nut down a little and make them easier for your body to digest. Nuts contain protein, fiber, vitamin E and a good selection of minerals. They are potent and calorie rich though so you only need a few.

Nutty butters: some juicers excel at making nut butters, the single auger machines are the best for this, they double up as pestle and mortar style homogenizing machines that allow you to make pastes, nut butters, baby foods and other goodies.

Nutty hint: common sense this one but always buy non salted nuts, salt is everywhere in our diets, you don't need to add any salt in the form of salty nuts, that's for sure! Also salt makes things very moreish, so you'll find it hard to stop eating them!

Nuts and seeds go great in smoothies and mill into dust in a decent blender. Mill them up before you put the fruit and vegetable ingredients in so they are ultra easy for your body to use. This is a super way of introducing vegetable protein to your diet as well as essential fatty acids, my favored seeds are Hemp or Flax seed.

Nutty warning when you make a smoothie for someone, make sure the do not have a nut allergy! Take extra care when making drinks for children as they may be completely unaware of their allergies and intolerance.

Nut storage nuts are easy to store, you just need some screw top or lever seal containers, like any food they do need to be in air tight containers! They will then last 2-6 months quite easily, put a few grains of rice in with them to absorb moisture.


Seeds again are natural powerhouses of nutrition we like linseeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp, sesame seeds and pine nuts which are the seed of the pine tree, expensive I know but great tasting and a fine source of vitamin E. We think the reason they are expensive is the cost of extracting them from such a spiky tree!

Apple pips are not good to eat, make sure you core or quarter the apple and remove the pips from them!

Seed sense! Seeds are potent, you only need a few regularly, and buy them hulled and keep them in sealed containers, flax seed oil is a good source of essential fatty acids.

Well I hope you found that useful and it helps you in some way, the importance of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is clear to see and we thing juicing has it part! We think juicing and smoothie making is one of the best ways of getting a healthy diet and remember that nutrients can be fragile so keep it raw!

Mark makes a lot of fresh juicer and blender drinks and tries to be as healthy as he can be

For more ideas on juicer and blender recipes and healthy foods have a look at our information archive

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Popular Ideas For Wedding Party Gifts

Popular Ideas For Wedding Party Gifts

A good bridesmaid can be an absolute lifesaver during the planning stages of a wedding. She helps make decisions, keeps track of the budget, and holds your hand when you become overwhelmed. There is no simple way to express everything that she means to you. The token gift that you give her as an expression of appreciation should show her how special she is to you, and that you realize how much she has done for you.

There are many different choices for bridesmaid’s gifts, and your decision will be based on your budget, how close you are to the bridesmaids, and personal taste.

Budget: Nothing that has to do with a wedding is inexpensive. With all the must haves, including flowers, reception hall rentals, and food, it is easy to leave off the smaller things like bridesmaids gifts until the last minute. By that time, you budget is even tighter, and you may also have less time to make a choice. To get the best gift for your money, start thinking early about what you would like to give your bridesmaids.

Relationships: If you are very close to your bridesmaids and it is a small group, you may want to spend a little more than if you have a larger group of more casual friends. Of course, if you have family members as a part of the wedding party, you are intimately familiar with them; there is no reason to go overboard with the gifts to the bridal party because one member is a sister. You can present her with the same gift as the rest of your bridal party, and, if you want, give her a special remembrance later, in private.

Personal Taste: Your personal taste should definitely be considered when choosing a gift for the wedding party. If the wedding is a casual, on the beach affair, beach towels, personalized tank tops or even bikinis make great gifts. If the wedding is a formal, evening event, a delicate necklace or bracelet makes a special gift.

Regardless of what you choose to give your wedding party, remember that, while it is an honor to serve in a wedding party, they are also doing you a favor, often at no small cost, to be a part of your wedding party. If you are hosting a high budget affair, the bridal party should not be gifted with trinkets. However, if you are hosting a small, casual affair, most members of your bridal party will understand and not expect jewelry or other expensive gifts. One rule of thumb is to choose something that people will use; then you are not just throwing your money away on nothing.

So, what are some popular gifts for bridesmaids? Personalized tanks and tees are a fun option. Many brides give members of their wedding party tote bags and small coolers, particularly if they are hosting a destination wedding. Because weddings and photographs always go together, consider a digital photograph key chain as a unique gift. Cosmetic bags, zipper pulls and memory or jewelry boxes are also popular choices.

If you want to play up the girl power aspect of your bridal party, consider a gift of nail polish, a sterling silver heart shaped compact or lip gloss. If you have been a little high maintenance in your demands, you may want to acknowledge the fact, and gift your bridesmaids with bath soaking salts, body scrubs or other spa gifts.

Jewelry is always appreciated, if it fits in the budget. Earrings, necklaces and even belly button rings make a nice, and sometimes unexpected, gift for your best girl friends. Charm bracelets can be added to as new events happen in your lives: more weddings, babies, anniversaries…the charms can be a way to symbolize and maintain your close bonds as you grow.

When you are shopping for gifts for the members of your bridal party it is important to consider that they have spent a good deal of time and money to help make your day special. Although none of us like to think that we make unreasonable demands or are difficult to get along with, the fact of the matter is, weddings are stressful. Although it will be worth it to you when it is over, your bridesmaids get nothing out of the experience but the sight of you being happy on your perfect day. Take the time to choose a nice gift for each of the people that you have asked to be a part of the bridal party.

By: Arianna Jordan

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Arianna Jordan writes about topics pertaining to weddings and other family events. Ms. Jordan offers suggestions for ways to make an event standout such as offering interesting wedding gifts.

Mortgage Rates Prediction

Mortgage Rates Prediction
By Mark Bennett

Mortgage rates predictions can't be trusted - at least, not completely - in this current uncertain economic environment. When life moved a slower pace, and when mortgages were less widespread, movements in mortgage interest rates predictions were much less significant than they are today.

Mortgage rate predictions depended simply on the interaction of the amount banks had to lend, and the number of prospective borrowers competing for the funds. There were many limitations on the supply of capital for mortgage lending in those times. Borrowers would save a sizeable deposit, or down payment, to demonstrate their ability to budget and save, before daring to apply for mortgage finance. At the end of the day, these limitations created a more stable environment for making mortgage rate predictions.

Over the past few decades, thinking has shifted radically, and so have mortgage interest rates predictions. A culture of owning a home with "nothing down" or very little equity has become the norm. A systemic increase of risk like this will inevitably impact on interest rates predictions.

Worse than that, when you feed ever-increasingly risky practices into a financial system, you make it increasingly likely that one new shock will bring the whole system down. No economy grows forever without the occasional correction, and it is naive to think that such a thing would ever occur - we must expect bad times every so often. As the economy slows and credit contracts, the mortgage interest rates wolf will be at the door, and in this case it is a particularly large wolf indeed!

It is the people who currently have a mortgage who stand to gain most from mortgage rate predictions. For many people, mortgage interest rate predictions are for lower rates than their current 30-year mortgage. If mortgage rates are lower than your current 30-year mortgage rate, then you should talk to a mortgage broker about refinancing.

Don't be dismayed by the dire reports on TV. Refinancing your mortgage at today's low interest rates, and fixing your repayments for 30 years, could be the smartest financial move you have ever made. If you have a higher mortgage payment than you need to have, you are just throwing money away. Make the temporary low interest rates into a permanent benefit by refinancing now. We have never seen such a level of political involvement in financial market decisions, and as a result we now have a rare golden opportunity to lock in a lifetime of benefit.

Mortgage rates predictions are always subject to variables beyond our control. Today's global economic crisis and the associated worldwide political involvement in money markets has made mortgage rate predictions even less of a sure thing. While this may be so, you can be sure of one thing. You won't see mortgage rates this low again for a long time. It is hard to imagine an easier way to reduce your mortgage repayments than refinancing at a lower rate of interest. If you are currently meeting your mortgage payments, this is a rare and valuable opportunity to reduce them dramatically.

Today's Mortgage Rates
Mortgage Rates Predictions
Mark Bennett is a staff writer for MoneyTalks.com, and contributes regularly to other financial sites

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The (Aging) Parent Trap

The (Aging) Parent Trap
By H. Les Brown

"Nothing's certain but death and taxes," they say. I have to ask, "What's so certain about death and taxes?" The only certitude that we really have is that stuff will happen: some of it enjoyable, some of it painful, some of it avoidable, most of it not. There's an aspect of midlife that becomes painfully obvious once you've entered into it: people you know . . . and people you love . . . begin to fall ill and die. The stuff that happens in life in life remains incredibly unpredictable, and yet, just as a matter of statistics, the longer you live, the more painful experiences you'll have around those you know and/or love.

If you're on good terms with your parents, and if you're blessed with having them with you as you go through the midlife transition, you'll begin to experience that well-known role-reversal as they become less able to care for themselves adequately and you become more capable of becoming a care-giver. Even if your parents retain their strength, acuity, and vitality as they age, eventually their decreasing independence and your increasing capacity for responsibility will necessarily intersect. Under those circumstances - which are the very best you can hope for - you will be called upon to become a care-giver. At very least, your sense of vigilance toward them will be heightened: like your children, you know that they need their independence, yet you feel responsible for keeping them safe at the same time.

I'll be eternally grateful for the experience I had with my own parents. My dad lived to be 87, my mom lived until she was 84. They died eight months apart. They were incredibly active, sharp and independent right up until the end, each of them was sick for only about six weeks, and, during that time, they experienced a minimum of discomfort. They both passed away with their family around them. If I were to have designed ideal circumstances for the closing chapter of people's lives, I couldn't have imagined a more ideal situation. And yet, even under such circumstances, still today I can't explain to anyone else, who hasn't experienced the loss of both parents, the overwhelming impact that it had on me. Try as you might, nothing can really prepare you for it. There comes a moment (at least it did for me) where you suddenly realize what it feels like to be an orphan. Regardless of how old you are, there's nothing quite like that sense of being left alone entirely on your own for the first time.

I'm well aware how easy my family and I had it with our parents. Few people have to deal with so few complications as we did. On one hand, there are all the problems that seem to drop at random into people's lives: accidents, serious illness, genetic predispositions to chronic conditions (like Alzheimer's disease). As the safety net little by little dissolves under the corrosive influence of adverse economic pressures, the tremendous burdens involved with providing the kind of care our parents deserve revert back to where it used to lie: on the immediate (and extended) family. Only today, the extraordinary fiscal and social pressures on that family in most cases make it practically impossible for people to provide the kind of quality personal care and attention that their parents deserve. We no longer have an agrarian society where the family together looks out for one another; and we no longer have a social situation where having a stay-at-home caretaker is the rule.

On the other hand, while your parents need and deserve their independence, those who will someday (soon?) become their caretakers are in no position to dictate their choices for them. Even when you know that you'll eventually bear the brunt of poor decisions (involving health care or finances in particular), your opportunities for influencing their decision-making process remain severely limited. You may realize that, at a certain point, the optimal approach to maintaining financial stability for the elderly involves transferring as much property as possible out of their control as early as practicable, convincing your parents to let other members of the family control their finances may be just plain impossible. The same could be said for decisions regarding their health care and living conditions. Although the stresses on aging parents elicit a lot of sympathy, there's a lot less attention paid to the stresses on you folks going through midlife. For many - if not most - people, this can be a thankless or even impossible task.

Although there are a number of practical things that you can do to prepare yourself and your family for the responsibilities that will, sooner or later fall to you (assuming that you haven't yet passed through that phase of your life): the most important (and, perhaps the most effective) of these approaches will be actually sitting down and talking with your parents and the other members of your family on an on-going basis. These are difficult conversations, and no one enjoys taking on themselves the responsibility of broaching these subjects. However, the earlier and more often you're able to do this, the more manageable the situation will be later on. Whether or not there are practical solutions to the problems posed (and faced) by aging parents, the more communication there is around these topics (with whomever is willing to listen), the more awareness there will be, and the less aggravation you'll experience from an already difficult situation.

Providing care for aging parents will necessarily involve making some very difficult choices. The earlier and more openly you're able to face those choices, the more choices there will be. Ignoring the situation, hoping it'll go away solves nothing, because, sooner or later, these issues will land in your lap and you will have to make decisions based on your sense of love and obligation as a child as well as on the options that you've provided for yourself. You can't avoid the midlife stresses that aging parents will inevitably present; but you don't have to fall into the aging parent trap. You can have choices if you'll only face the issues openly and thoughtfully.

H. Les Brown, MA, CFCC
ProActivation® Coaching
Website: http://www.ProActivation.com
E-Mail: info@ProActivation.com

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Twitter For Real Estate Professionals: What's All The Tweeting About

Twitter For Real Estate Professionals: What's All The Tweeting About

Tech savvy real estate agents understand the importance of using the Internet's global reach to their advantage. They build informative websites that are optimized for search engines, they blog regularly, and have started to create profiles on various social networking sites like ActiveRain and Squidoo.

A relatively recent addition to the social networking sphere is Twitter, a place where you have only 140 characters to write something about your day, ask a question, or link to an article or website of interest. Some consider Twitter to be a place where users "micro-blog," while others see it as more of a chat room with thousands of users 'chatting' all at once.

The original premise of Twitter was to provide a venue for people to post short, simple status updates; to answer the question: What are you doing? Users share stories about their pets, upcoming appointments, their moods, and much more. You can follow the adventures of other users, and accumulate followers of your own. You can direct questions and answers to specific people, or send out calls to everyone all at once.

The appeal of this type of technology baffles many real estate agents who've never used the service, but those who have stuck with Twitter see the benefits of this new type of networking.

Rather than trying to see Twitter as a revenue producer, it's important to understand that Twitter is first and foremost a networking tool. Don't be overtly promotional in your posts (known as "tweets"). If self promotion is your primary M.O., you'll quickly lose followers. Users aren't interested in being bombarded with spammy posts, so if you want to use the site to advertise your services, be very subtle and make sure that your personal posts far outnumbers the more professional ones.

While it may seem counterproductive to be laid back when you're trying to promote your real estate business, you have to keep in mind the intention of social networking sites. They are meant for people to connect with others who share similar interests, or who live in the same community. The mood is casual and definitely more personal than your business website. Grammar and spelling rules are relaxed, and you can talk about the pizza you ate last night or the rotten movie you just watched. People following you will find your posts interesting because you're being authentic.

The more people that get to know you and like you, the more opportunity you have to gain clients in the future. It's the same as expanding your circle of contacts in the real world, and it can be invaluable for your business in the long run.

The idea of social networking being effective over the long term is critical to understand. Unless you are very lucky, you probably won't gain any new clients right away, but you're building a solid foundation of online friendships that may develop into business relationships.

In addition to being a vehicle for finding potential clients, Twitter is also a great venue for networking with other agents. You can share tips, ask questions, and refer clients to agents outside of your service area. Other agents will do the same for you. Building relationships with other real estate agents can be educational and emotionally satisfying, as they can relate to the stresses you encounter on a daily basis.

Twitter is free and it only takes a moment to create an account. Search your area for people with accounts, or see if anyone you already know has an account. You can start to follow their tweets and engage people in conversation. Soon you'll have followers too, and you'll begin to appreciate the possibilities that this kind of networking can offer. Be open-minded and creative, and soon you'll see how you can make Twitter work for you and your realty business.

By: Karrie Rose

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A Deceiving Cover - Great Black Cod (chilean sea bass)

A Deceiving Cover - Great Black Cod

By Allie Moxley

There is a huge variety of fish in the world but a lot of times people are hesitant to try something new. Fish can be a difficult thing to prepare due to how quickly it cooks and the risk you run of drying it out too much. Luckily there is fish like black cod that have a higher fat content so the margin for error is, thankfully, a little more forgiving. Learning how to cook black cod does not have to be a stressful experience since there is a very large chance that the dish will come out perfectly delicious.

If someone were to suggest a meal featuring black cod and you had never crossed paths with the fish previously, you would probably not be biting at the bit to try some. Black cod is also known by more neutral names like sablefish or butterfish. While black cod might not sound appetizing, it most definitely is. The fish is found only in the North Pacific and resides in extremely deep waters, sometimes up to a mile beneath the surface. There is a solid population of black cod so they are a sustainable source of food and a good alternative to the endangered Chilean sea bass. The taste and color of black cod is comparable to that of the Chilean sea bass so it is much more environmentally sound to go with the cod. The fat content also makes it a forgiving fish when someone is just learning how to cook black cod.

The fat on the fish also makes it a great choice for smoking. It is important to remove the large pin bones that are in the body if that was not already done before you bought the fish. This can be done rather easily with needle-nosed pliers. The soft white flesh of the fish contrasts starkly with the dark black skin that inspires the name, and along with great flavor this meat is an amazing source of omega-3 fatty acids. Black cod can be prepared in a variety of ways and is a great addition to a diet that seeks to remain on the healthier side of life. It is important to try a range of recipes when attempting to learn how to cook black cod.

One great and extremely simply recipe is for baked black cod with spinach and tomatoes. This low fat recipe only calls for a six ounce bag of baby spinach, four black cod fillets, fresh ground pepper, a 14.5 ounce can of crushed tomatoes, and ½ cup reduced fat shredded cheese. To begin, preheat the oven to 375°F and rinse the baby spinach. Place the spinach at the bottom of a medium sized baking dish and then season the black cod fillets with the ground black pepper. Place the fillets on top of the spinach and pour the can of tomatoes over the fish. Sprinkle the cheese over the entire dish and place it in the oven, allowing it to bake for fifteen to eighteen minutes. This is a delicious and easy way of learning how to cook black cod.

Alaska is home to an abundant variety of seafood, and offers some of the purest marine, freshwater, and upland habitats on the planet

From the clear crystal waters comes seafood that is delicious and healthy. Alaskan seafood is low in fat but big on flavor and Omega-3 oils. You can study thousands of pages of nutritional research. Or, simply observe the amazing health and longevity of people in countries where seafood is the most important part of their diet. Either way, Alaska seafood is as healthy as it is delicious

Are you are looking for a meal that is low in saturated fat, filled with nutrients and packed with good heart healthy Omega-3s oils? Then you should start with Alaska Seafood

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Love Calculator: Did You You Know That There Exists A Love Calculator

Love Calculator: Did You You Know That There Exists A Love Calculator

We all want to know if the person we love loves us back and we could do anything to know. Some people have used the love calculator to calculate love to see how compatible they are or how their names are compatible with each other.

Sometimes you get really shocked when you calculate your partners name with yours only to find that you have a zero percent love rating, very discouraging if you ask me. In other words the love calculator says the two of you cannot be compatible yet the two of you could be so loving towards each other. Friends around you have told you time and again just how compatible you are yet the calculator disagrees.

If you take the love calculator seriously you might want to break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend. That is because in some of the love calculators, after it calculates the percentage of your love and finding it below twenty percent, Gives you an answer like:'Get a restraining order, try to avoid the person as much as possible'. It is very funny if you have a funny spot but if you take it seriously it could be heart breaking.

However sometimes the love calculator can surprise you and give you the right figures, in fact after using the love calculator you are left believing that the two of you were actually meant for each other. It is like destiny and for some reason, even the calculator knows this. That is if you actually love each other.

How does the love calculator work and how is it used to calculate love? It is very easy to use a love calculator. All you need is the Internet. You will need to open one of the sites that have the love calculator and you are ready.

You then enter your name and the name of your partner in different boxes. After you enter both names you click on the calculate button and within a second you will have your results. Remember it could be very disappointing and this is only for entertainment and do not take it too seriously. Whatever the results are you can laugh about it. You can calculate for as many people as you can and allow yourself get shocked by the results.

Nowadays, you can calculate how much you love someone with so many things. There are love quizzes that you can take to determine if you love your partner. They ask several questions and give options.

All you need to do is to pick a choice among the many options that are there. Depending with the choices you make, you get an almost correct answer of how much you love your partner. This quizzes are fun and sometimes they can make you discover things about yourself that you did not even know. This weekend, have fun with the love calculator, take as many love quizzes as you can. Have fun while doing it, you can even do it with your partner and laugh about it.

By: Francis K Githinji

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The Trusted And True Love Calculator

The Trusted And True Love Calculator

Is there a unit that can be used to measure the intensity of love? Sometimes the term "love" is ambiguous and subject to debate. There are many categories of love which are interpreted differently to give diverse interpretations. In this case however it is the love that draws two different people together for mutual companionship. The one and only true love that makes two persons to dedicate their lives to each other.

A love that is consummated in marriage after the holy knots of matrimony have been tied. It has the intensity and sweetness of summer love. So compelling and irresistible that the two lovers can only find happiness in togetherness. But what is the most ideal parameter that can be distinctively used as a true love calculator? An aspect that can be used as a yardstick to measure any budding relationship. Something that can be used as a point of reference.

There is no known formula for calculating love and a true love calculator does not use a single aspect to arrive at a conclusion. It bases its findings on many aspects and factors in order to draw a comprehensive conclusion. One of the most basic elements that a love calculator uses to give a relationship a clean bill of health is true love.

A relationship that has a lot of emotional investments and a mutual commitment, care and goodwill from both partners is dubbed as a union that is deep and true. A short-lived fling or a one night-stand hardly receives any mention when a love sum is being calculated. However a loving relationship with the trappings of strong feelings scores highly. It would itself be used as a yard stick or a point of reference for a couple that aspires to have a successful and fulfilling relationship.

Time remains as the best and most reliable true love calculator of all times. A relationship that stands the test of time is a relationship that has gone through the baptism of fire. If there is no true love in a relationship, time will always tell. Time will always expose any ill-intent or lack of commitment from a partner though this hardly happens in summer love. It winnows the wheat from the chaff. Time exposes a relationship to a lot of weathering. Relationship undergoes a lot of hurdles and tests that sometimes threaten to tear it apart. A relationship is always at a risk of breaking into pieces if the two consenting parties are not flexible enough. It calls for commitment, patience, resilience, understanding and compromises for the survival of the relationship.

A relationship that has withstood the test of time can hardly break due to its capacity to handle shock. It is a journey through hard and lean times. Emotional sojourns through the dark valleys of despair. Times when a relationship stands at the threshold, at the edge of the precipice. But due to the pureness of heart that comes with true love, the relationship does not capsize. Instead it becomes even more stronger and firmer to resemble summer love. A true love calculator.

By: Francis K Githinji

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Car Insurance That Drives You To The Finish Line

Car Insurance That Drives You To The Finish Line

Car insurance companies want to make you their lifetime customer. Research your options online, and you’ll find the best insurance companies for you and your car without having to listen to a heavy sales pitch, and without having to succumb to their business hours. Finish the race for car insurance and shop online to get your car on the road in no time.

Car Insurance is as mandatory as a driver’s license – but not as easy. There are few options when applying for a driver’s license. You know where to get your driver’s license, and the legal requirements are clearly set forth. There is no competition between companies to issue you your driver’s license. But once you get a car, insurance companies claiming to have the best insurance to insure you, and insure your car, (and whatever else you need insured), will be driving themselves mad to reach you first and convince you that their insurance company is the best insurance company for you. Car Insurance is insurance that is often needed for life – which makes you a lucrative target for insurance companies.

Everyone’s needs are different, and the minimum car insurance required by law will depend on your local regulations. If you don’t know your minimum needs, you can inquire at the office where you obtained your driver’s license, or go to your government’s website and search for mandatory car insurance, or simply call a well-known insurance company and ask them. The “best” insurance companies, by popularity, will likely give you an answer, and a list of reasons why you need more than minimal coverage. You will surely receive a sales pitch.

Sitting through sales pitches can get tiresome, annoying, and even confusing when different car insurance companies give you contradictory information. That is one of many reasons why learning about car insurance, shopping for online car insurance, and getting online quotes online, on the Internet, is more efficient than calling insurance companies on the phone. The top insurance companies will certainly have a website, and there are many specialized car insurance companies that have an online presence but are not listed in your local phone book. Many of the online companies now offer instant quotes after submitting information about your car and your location into an online form. (Your location will effect your quote.) Searching for car insurance online can give the most information, the best insurance policy options, the most quotes, and the cheapest car insurance quotes available in the most efficient manner – making an online search the best use of your time.

Car insurance is a major expense, and purchasing car insurance requires researching the companies, their rates, their policy coverage, their discounts and payment plans, and asking many questions to find the best car insurance company for you. One of the best car insurance companies for you may not be the best company for someone else. A recommendation for the best insurance companies from a friend will give you an idea of some of the more reliable companies, but because car insurance companies offer so many different policy options, the art of finding one of the best companies that meet your needs requires looking past those first few recommendations.

Car insurance is far more expensive than getting a driver’s license. The best insurance companies will work with you to create the best policy for you needs. Taking time to search online car insurance companies to find the best policies and the cheapest car insurance rates for your insurance policy will provide you with the best protection, the best safety – and the best savings. Finish the legal requirements for getting your car on the road without going broke, and without wasting your time. You can start and finish your research on car insurance companies online now, and your car can get back to driving your life where you want it to go - legally. Get yourself online, and your car will be on the road in no time.

By: Avi Solutions

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stock Market For Beginners

Stock Market For Beginners

Stock Market

What is the stock market? Why is it important to the economy? Everyday we hear about it through all channels of media, be it print, broadcast (T.V. radio) and the web. You see, stock market is where marketable securities are traded – buying and selling of stocks. These marketable securities are stocks classified into common and preferred and bonds representing ownership to a public corporation

Now let us limit our discussion to the confines of the definition and immediate relevant matters therein. You see under stock market you will be amaze that it will entail more than 10,000 topics that can be discuss and we will loose focus our goal of a simple introduction on stock market.

We will go further by identifying the marketplace. This market place for stocks is called the exchange or bourse. I’m pretty sure you have heard of New York Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and Tokyo Stock Exchange. And there are hundreds of stock exchanges all over the world, each doing the same thing that is (again) buying and selling of securities.

Do you have any idea on how much total capitalization of these exchanges put together? I would say about $36B, 36 billion Dollars is the value of all public corporations in the world. What do I mean? For example, we take a company listed at the exchange, Fluor Corp (NYSE:FLR) an American construction company listed at the New York Stock Exchange, it has a total market capital of $9B. We got the figure by multiplying current price of $50 to the number of shares outstanding which is 181.5Million. That’s the idea of market capitalization.

Who participates, and who does who on what are to do? Remember that stock market is trading of stocks, now the question, who are the personalities involved at the market. The brokers, are the ones who facilitates the buying and selling securities. The buyers are anybody willing to invest in such an instrument and the sellers who will divest ownership to that number of shares.

How is it done? Assuming you’re the prospective buyer, you have to look for a broker to execute a buy order. Law states that only brokers are authorize to do so. Next move involves the broker to place a buy order consisting of number of shares and the price. If there are sellers agreeable to your price then a trade is consummated.

Why do companies sell their shares at the stock market? Mostly these companies need more capital for expansion and others retire some of their long term debt. It also enhances the company profile as being a publicly traded company. Because by being a publicly traded company, they let public investors into their company as new owners and partake in business affairs of the company.

By: Ruben
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Assistive Tip Related To Anti Aging

Assistive Tip Related To Anti Aging

If you are among those that continue to feel bad because they are now past fifties or sixties, I have some news for you. You don't have to 'look' fifty years or sixty years. Yes, you can 'grow' old to fifty years or sixty years, but who says you must 'look' it. A simple anti aging tip is to always dress as if you were still in your twenties or thirties and always have that smile of youth that you had when you were young. You will be surprised that you will begin looking as young as you 'feel', regardless of your age.

Today's world of science has a lot of processes that help you look younger as you grow older. A lot of these processes have even gone commercial. This is why you can actually see a sixty year old looking thirty. But we are yet to see a process that stops you from dying.

Working in showbiz, you want your fans to remember you a certain way. This is the way you were ten years ago at the beginning of your career. But what are the chances of that? Time will have taken its toll; the pressure of the job will wave done what it does best. This is when you want to turn to anti aging techniques.

Have you ever wondered how come it is those people who are not afraid to die that actually get to live longer and more fruitful lives? The reason is that they do not worry so much about the changes their bodies are undergoing, or if they are about to catch a disease or something of that nature. With their minds at rest, they are better able to cope, and thus handle aging.

Since even contemporary medicine is realized from several ancient practices, it is reasonable to conclude that a lot of ancient medicine has power to heal that much of tradition has neglected. In today's world, many of them are now being used to slow the aging process and improve health.

The Chopra Center for Wellbeing and Andrew Weil, both in America work extensively on life extension and anti aging. The latter puts much focus on alternative medicine, holistic health, and herbal supplements. It teaches and experiments on integrating Eastern and Western medicine to solve problems associated with aging. The former, however, is a stickler for mind-body medicine.

Scientists and alchemists have worked together for age, trying to find ways to reverse old age. The little successes they achieved were short lived, with the potions and lotions that they came up with. So they indulged in various types of eating and drinking, and injecting various substances into their bodies. All to no avail.

Dr. Daniel Mroczek, Ph.D. is a researcher in the United States that found older people to be much happier than their younger counterparts. Less and less of younger people as you go down the age spectrum are content with their spate in life. But the reverse is the case on the other end. The answer, in spite of the apparent loss of physical capacity, is fulfillment and experience.

By: ChristyJonpns
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Pain Relief For Gout - Useful Home Remedies

Pain Relief For Gout - Useful Home Remedies

Are you looking for a better way to treat your gout pain? Many people are tired of taking expensive medications and having to wait for their pain to even begin to subside. If you are one of them, you should consider a home remedy to get pain relief for gout. After all, what do you really have to lose by trying something a little different?

Here are 10 home remedies you can use to eliminate the pain from an attack with gout:

1. Ice is an old remedy that still works wonders today. Apply the ice to the area that is swollen and in pain. Leave the ice for up to 15 minutes. Even if the cold is uncomfortable on your skin it will be worth the slight discomfort to be pain free in a short time.

2. Make sure you have a bottle of ibuprofen. As soon as you begin feeling the discomfort you should take one.

3. Move the joints around. Exercise them to keep your range of motion at its best.Exercising the joints about twice a day should be plenty.

4. Soak the area in warm water and Epsom salt. If you look in your Grandmother's medicine cabinet odds are you will find some Epsom salt. This is an old remedy for aching muscles, rashes and even a laxative.

5. Fruits such as strawberries and cherries will neutralize the uric acid in your body, thus eliminating the onset of a gout attack.

6. Cherry juice is also great, it will do the same as eating the cherries, reduce and neutralized the uric acid in the body.

7. Increase your daily water consumption to between 10-12 8 oz. glasses every day. The water will help flush the body of the toxins and neutralize some of the uric acid.

8. Add more citrus fruits and leafy green veggies to your diet. They are known to help reduce the inflammation from the crystallized deposits.

9. Increase activity , basically exercise more often. In the areas that the gout settles you should be sure you are getting them moving. The regular movement will increase the strength of the joint and the health of it as well.

10. Apple cider vinegar is one of the most popular remedies of the old days. It was used for many different conditions and ailments. Mix 2 tbsp. of organic honey and 2tbsp apple cider vinegar twice a day. Soon you will notice an improvement in your gout symptoms.

Sometimes the best cures are the old cures. When nothing else seems to be working to help with pain relief for gout, think back to what your Grandmother would have used!

By: Alvin Hopkinson

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Facial Plastic Surgery For A Fresher Look

Facial Plastic Surgery For A Fresher Look

In today's world of plastic surgery, there is no need to let age get the better of your appearance. This is especially true of your face. There are plenty of facial plastic surgery procedures that can dramatically improve the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. These include a facelift, a browlift, rhinoplasty, and eyelid surgery.

A facelift is a surgical process aimed at reducing wrinkles, sagging cheeks, and jowls around the jawline. Be aware, however, that it cannot get rid of wrinkling around the eyes or the corner of the mouth.

This plastic surgery can be performed in a number of ways including Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System or SMAS, the Platysma Lift, the S-Lift, the mini-lift, and many others. Each offers a unique approach to lifting the lines of the face, but the traditional facelift is performed by making incisions along the hairline and around the back of the ears.

The skin is loosened from the underlying muscles and it is pulled upward and the excess skin is removed. The remaining skin is than repositioned on the face and sutured back together at the incision line. Sometimes even the muscles are repositioned to give optimal results. Most people find this an excellent way to significantly turn back the clock on an aging face.

Brow lift
If you do not feel you need an entire face lift, you may consider a browlift. This plastic surgery procedure actually produces a smoother, younger looking forward. Similar to the facelift, a few small incisions are made in the hairline or just at the temples.

The skin is loosened enough to pull tight and remove the excess skin. The skin is re-sewn and the result is that scars are easily hidden in the hair and the upper face looks rejuvenated and fresh, with fewer deep lines and wrinkles.

Rhinoplasty is just another name for nose surgery. For those people who have loathed the hump, the bump, the bridge, or the tip on their nose all their lives, rhinoplasty is an excellent way to achieve the nose they have always dreamed of. One nice thing about rhinoplasty is that it is often fully or partially covered by health insurance because in some cases it actually helps the patient breathe better.

It is performed usually by incisions made on the inside of the nose. Then the nose skin is loosened from the underlying tissue and the modifications are performed. This might mean the insertion of a bridge implant, the reshaping of the tip or the removal of an unsightly bump.

Eyelid Surgery
This is also known as blepharoplasty. The reason for eyelid surgery can also be both medical and cosmetic. Some people have very droopy eyelids as they age that are not only unattractive but also obstructive to their vision.

Eyelid surgery requires a quick hour or so of surgery that requires small incisions in areas that are easy to hide afterwards. Extra, puffy skin is removed and the skin is pulled tighter and reconnected. There will be some swelling and bruising post-surgery, but after it subsides, the eyes will look much younger and smoother and it will be easier to see.

By: A Aaronson

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

3 Definitive Signs Your Man Do Love You

3 Definitive Signs Your Man Do Love You

Every woman knows that men are complex beings and difficult to comprehend. Many men will just postpone or will never think of telling their love to their women that too early in a relationship. You might have uttered or shown many loose strings to make him realize your love for him, still he will never really show what’s in his mind and heart. He might not show his true feelings as yet. You might figure out his feelings just by his behavior. But then nothing is unpredictable and that too with men. Here are three definitive signals you can predict what is in his mind.

(1) Body Language

The best sign to indicate a man’s love for you is his body language. So pay careful attention to this when you are with him the next time. He will turn himself towards you when he is with you and will try in between conversations to touch you. This is a clear indicator he loves you. Touching need not mean actual holding of hands which will happen sooner or later. It means just stroking and holding you protectively amidst crowded places etc. If in case your man looks elsewhere or flirts his eyes through the room and never tries to even touch your little finger or is least interested to look at you, then be very assured that he isn’t much into you or is never interested in you.

(2) Relationship Indicator

A man who starts talking about his future is definitely thinking about you in his future and he may have feelings for you. Men who are single generally avoid questions about where they are in a relationship and where it leads him etc. Whenever a man starts talking of his future you never doubt his love for you. But still look out if he includes ‘we’ and ‘us’ in his conversations about the future. Man thinks of his future when he is serious about a relationship otherwise it's always living in the present and at the moment.

(3) Actions Speak Louder than Words

A man in love will want to spend as much time with the woman he loves and will always look out for ways and means to be with her irrespective of whether he has work or you are busy. Even if you are sleeping he will sit by you or is always nearby and is comfortable to be near you all the time even if you are doing mundane things. A man will constantly call or miss his lover and will regularly try to keep in touch if he is madly in love. This shows how much his heart longs for her and his mind is after her.

By: TeeceeGo

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Monday, January 5, 2009

10 Things To Include On Your Business Cards

10 Things To Include On Your Business Cards

Your business card should stand out from the rest. It should work as a mini advertisement for your business. Still, there are some basic elements that every business card should include. Here is a rundown of these fundamentals for you to remember as you design your next business card printing project:

1. Your Name
Obviously, you will want to put your name on your business card. Otherwise, the recipient will not know who to ask for when he or she calls.

2. Your Company Name
Right by your name, you will want to include your business name. Even if your business is just you, put the name of your company on there. It looks more professional that way.

3. Address
Make sure you include the address that people should use on your business cards. If you are working from home, you will have to use your home address. But it is better if you have an office to work out of.

4. Phone Number
Your customers can’t contact you if you don’t include your phone number. By the way, if you are working from home, it is a good idea to get a separate phone line for your business. When the business starts rolling in, you don’t want to tie up your personal line.

5. Email Address
If you don’t already have an email address, get one. It is essential. And it’s free; just go to Yahoo or Google and sign up for one. Make sure you sound a professional address, though. “ClownBoy” is not a good idea.

6. Web Site Address
It is also a good idea to have a website for your company, if you don’t have one already. In this age of computers, a website is a virtual necessity. You can set one up yourself, or have one set up for you for a relatively low price. Just search around.

7. Your Title
Whatever you call yourself, include it on your business card. Whether you are the president of the company, or king of the world, put your title on there.

8. Quick Rundown of your Business
Include some information about what your company does. That way, if a customer pulls your card out of his wallet three years from now, he will remember what you are all about.

9. Your Logo
If you don’t have a logo, get one. You can have one designed for you at a very low price.

10. Some Attractive Stuff
Make sure to include some images or graphics that make your card pleasing to look at. There are far too many boring, black and white business cards out there. Make sure yours stands out from the crowd.

By: Katie Marcus

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The Benefits Of Internet Marketing - The Shocking Truth Revealed

The Benefits Of Internet Marketing - The Shocking Truth Revealed

When it comes to Internet marketing many people have the wrong idea and usually take it for granted.

To many people good old fashioned offline advertising is the way to go but to your surprise they are dead wrong.

Internet marketing is the new way to do business and is growing more and more each day.

When compare to offline marketing by doing Internet marketing you will have more flexibility and it will be less expensive.

You will have full control of all the content you have online and it will be there for exposure for a longer period of time.

Is a great feeling to know that even while you sleep by having your business online and attracting the right traffic you can be making sales while you sleep.

This is the goal of all Internet marketers and with hard work and perseverance it is very obtainable.

This is a great benefit to all your customers because they will be able to see your business at their own time.

By having this big time exposure you will get the opportunity to increase your credibility among many people.

This is one of the keys to great online businesses and I suggest making it your priority. By being only your credibility will grow and increase your business success.

The shocking truth is that Internet marketing has been around for a long time and most people just don't take advantage of it.

So what are you waiting for go and make Internet marketing work for you.

By: Omar Negron Jr

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